Sparta Robotics

Sparta High School Robotics kicked off its competition season with two achievements at Millburn High School on Saturday Dec. 1, 2018
SHS Robotic Team 5249Z, with robot named "Intensity," went undefeated against 55 other high school teams in qualifier matches. In tournament play they finished in second place and have won a trip to the state championships.
"Much of their success can be attributed to a team of students who work very well together and capitalize on their combined knowledge base and many talents." said Mark Meola the teams teacher and advisor.
Karthik Selvaraj, a 5249Z programmer, spent many hours working on Proportional, Integral, Derivative (PID) control, which provides a continuous variation of output within a control loop feedback mechanism to accurately control the process, removing oscillation and increasing process efficiency. The end result is much better precision control during both the autonomous and driver control phases of the competition.
5249S, with robot named, "VEX ManiVEXO," received an Innovation Award for advanced work using both PIDs and a vision sensor for controlling a targeting system on their bot. The primary coder for 5249S is Cameron Ekeman.
Sparta's next competition will be at Sparta High School when they face-off against no fewer then 64 other high school teams.