— Andover Township answered the call for the Clean Water Challenge, on Earth Day, April 23. Lake Lenape was the site for the first water challenge for Andover Township. Volunteers from the lake association armed with canoes, boats and fishing nets, picked up all kinds of litter, construction material, tires and a large plastic wolf. Thousands of volunteers throughout the state of New Jersey worked diligently from March 1 through April 30 keeping rivers, lakes, streams and beach clean. The New Jersey Clean Communities Counsel called on these volunteers, and will honor the volunteer group who picks up and recycles the most trash at their annual Awards Dinner on May 26 at Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City.

The NJ Clean Communities grant program for Andover Township is coordinated by Toni-Lu Martin. This program is ongoing throughout the year and offers non-profit organizations a great and fun way to raise money.

Patrolling Lake Lenape.

Flotsam no longer.