D'Marge dances into fall classes
Registration Aug. 29 and 30

Lori Coiro directs D'Marge Dance. Each year ends with a recital featuring all of the studio's students. Photos by Laurie Gordon

By Laurie Gordon
NEWTON — If you want an amazing dance experience where your child will make life-long friends and get superior and supportive instruction, head to D'Marge Dance Studio and register on August 29 from 4 pm to 7 pm, or August 30 from 11 am to 2 pm, for fall classes.
The studio is located within a building with a big, dancing mouse on it's facade at 57 Trinity Street. Within is taught ballet, dance, jazz, tap and gymnastics to dancers of all ages and abilities. Classes are available for girls and boys ages three through adult.
The school is owned by Lori Coiro who has been dancing and instructing for many years and who has inspired countless fledgling dancers. Each year, the school features and “Open Door” where parents can view classes at holiday time and the year culminates with a spectacular recital each June.
Coiro's mother, Connie DeVries, worked as a secretary for a number of years for Dee Price and Marge Hallock at their dance studio. They started it back in the 1960s, and it was named D'Marge, combining the owners' first names. In 1984, DeVries and Coiro bought the studio and, because it was already well established in the community, retained the same name.
The mother-daughter team prided themselves on teaching students to appreciate dance as an art form, an outlet and a way to express themselves freely. Coiro said, though the economy had some dives over the years, the studio has always remained vibrant.
"Maybe students would take say, two classes instead of three, one year, but we always had full enrollment," Coiro said. "When the going gets tough, parents take from their kids last."
Another aspect of D'Marge that has been important to many over the years is that their gymnastics does not involve equipment. It's all tumbling and learning floor moves without having to worry about the injuries and expense that can come with an equipment gymnastics gym.
Truly a family run business, Coiro is assisted by her sister Beth, niece Justine and daughter Karlee.
Additionally, D'Marge is a great idea for a child's birthday party. Parties are filled with dancing fun and activities. Parties can be booked by calling the school. Find D'Marge on Facebook at D'Marge Dance Studio. The school is located at 57 Trinity Street in Newton. For a full listing of class times and days, visit: www.dmargedance.com .