On long term market forces, tax cuts, and the budget deficit

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So why be great again when you can be a Banana Republic instead? Several sources define a Banana Republic as, “ a nation, dependent upon the exporting of a single product such as bananas and ruled by a dictator , generally having an unstable government and a small elite class that becomes ever more wealthy”. We’ve made it! With Trumps abrupt tariffs, inconsistent and counterproductive policies, tax breaks for the rich and alienating our closest allies it’s clear all we will be exporting is his bananas mental state.

Let’s look at how our president is reacting to free market and free enterprise forces and decide if he is a dictator.

He wants to employ more coal workers: Simple, just give away 12 billion per year in subsidies to connected firms and insist that FERC, authorize those same utilities to charge more for coal fired electricity.

He has devastated our wheat farmers, with tariffs: That’s an easy one. Just give them 12 billion dollars in subsidies, no explanation of for how long. Even this measure is wholly inadequate to sustain the heart of our farming class. Doesn’t matter that, China, Russia and South America are spending billions to ramp up their wheat production, permanently. Russia’s wheat program revenue is on the verge of exceeding its oil exports! By the time our dictator realizes the damage he has done, it will be too late. China will never allow itself to be dependent on us again, especially with the new bond between Russia and China. Trump just doesn’t understand what reliability means in international relations or what reality means in the market place.

He has devastated our corn farmers with tariffs: No problem, just dictate that the ethanol portion of gasoline be increased and used year round. Doesn’t matter that ethanol is a smog forming pollutant during the summer months. Just dictate it, existing EPA rules to protect our environment and health be damned. Another political embarrassment resolved.

Where is the money coming from to support the cover ups of his folly? Why of course, the very same tax payers he is trying to impress. Our national budget deficit is exploding as is our national debt. Mc Connell just weeks before the midterm elections felt compelled to send up the warning balloon that Social Security, Medicare, etc. will have to be curtailed. Do any of you really believe Trump’s fantasy tax cuts will actually last until 2025?

Trump doesn’t understand the true long term market forces. He refuses to understand there are consequences for mistakes, for keeping absurd promises. We are paying for his education and will be for decades. Dictator or dreamer, you decide. Either way he is bananas and is about to slip on a peel.

Mike La Rose

Former Mayor of Sparta

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