Today at Sparta Library: 'Don't get scammed!'

Sparta Public Library has a special program today: Police will explain how scams happen, and how exactly to report a scam.

Sparta Police Detective Sgt. Jeffrey McCarrick will today be at the Sparta Public Library on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 7, 2019, to talk about an important topic: "Don't get scammed!" The Sparta Detective Sgt will explain that, "no, a prince from a far-off land hasn't left you money...yes, you've been exposed to a scam."
He'll also discuss how to spot a scam, which scams are prevalent these days, what to do after realizing you fell for a scam, and how to report a scam. For more information about the 1 p.m. Feb. 7 event, call the Sparta Public Library at 973-729-3101.
The Sparta Public Library is located at 22 Woodport Rd, Sparta Township, NJ.