By Laurie Gordon

A month after the Corn and Tomato Fest, the shop owners and management of Lafayette Village are at it again as they will be staging another event, Oct. 6 and 7. This time, it's all about garlic as the Annual Garden State Garlic Festival will return as a much bigger — yet equally "stinky" — event.

This is the 11th annual Garlic Festival and it's had success in the past, but, Colleen Brennan, co-owner of LoHo Living and PR/Marketing Director for Lafayette Village says, "I plan on kicking it up a notch this year." The festival this year will include live bands, a beer and wine tent, contests and food.

The recent Sweet Corn and Tomato Fest enjoyed success the shop owners never expected.

"Its success erased any doubt in the tenants that have been there for years and they are all on board with the Garlic Festival," said Brennan. "The Chocolate Parfait is creating their very own garlic ice cream and Everything Homemade came up with Garlic Brownies and Garlic Rice Pudding."

The motto for the event is, “It's Chic to Reek at The New Lafayette Village's Garlic Festival."

In addition to the specialties being created by shops, there will be Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Soup, Garlic Knots, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Garlic Fritters, Garlic Sausage and more.

Made famous by the reality show "Real Housewives of New Jersey," The Brownstone — which offers fine cuisine and catering — will be offering selling its sauces and offering samples.

Garlic Festival goers will also be able to sip complimentary wines from Cava Winery and Ventimiglia Vineyard and take in demonstrations by NJ Brewery. There will also be garlic infused vinegars and oils, garlic spreads, tapenades and garlic honey.

Several months ago, Lafayette Village changed management and between the new company, dedicated shop owners and people like Brennan who are all showing off the village, the "new" Lafayette Village has become a go-to shopping destination.

"By enrolling cool stores like Anything Goes Boutique, The Felix Store, and hopefully a brewery I've been courting for months now, the lower village will take on its own identity, attract its own customer which is not necessarily the same customer as the outlet centers," Brennan said, "In six months, we should have such a great mix of stores, old and new to put Lafayette Village back on the map as a destination shopping center."

The Garlic Festival will be held Saturday, Oct. 6 and Sunday, Oct. 7 starting at 11 a.m. Admission is free.

The Village is located at 75 Route 15 in Lafayette.

For more information contact Brennan at 973-714-8630 or