Fall into Magic

A&E: Magical Healing presents the first of a series of fundraisers at Sparta Avenue Stage on Sept. 14 and 15, with two afternoon family shows and a Night of Magic Extravaganza for adults.

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21 Aug 2019 | 12:27

Magical Healing, a New Jersey magic-based nonprofit organization has announced its plans to move into northern and central New Jersey with its flagship outreach program, Cohen’s Kids. Magical Healing will present the first of a series of fundraisers, “Fall Into Magic,” at the Sparta Avenue Stage in Sparta on Sept. 14 and 15, 2019 with two afternoon family shows and a Night of Magic Extravaganza for adults.

Cohen’s Kids’ magic mentors teach school-aged children the art of magic, performance and teamwork. The magic continues when the students pay it forward by performing their magic for other communities, connecting people in diverse community service events.

Founder, Paul Cohen, indicated, “We offer a way for kids who struggle to get out into the world with their voices and personality and then we watch them light up a room with their confidence in performing magic before total strangers.”

Cohen’s Kids, formerly known as Magical Healing, provides students with a full range of performance skills, which results in increased self-esteem, self-confidence, social skills, hand-eye coordination and an increased ability to focus on a given task. At the start of each 6-week course, Will Fern, professional magician and Curriculum Director, tells the young magicians, “Magic is the gift. You are the magic.”

Magical Healing has been serving public and private school systems in South Jersey since its inception in July, 2017 and is currently scheduling outreach programming in community centers and schools within Morris and Sussex Counties for the current school year.

There will be magic, fun and wonderment for all at the Sparta Avenue Stage on September 14 and 15, 2019. Go to www.brownpapertickets.com to purchase “Fall Into Magic” tickets.

Magical Healing’s mission is to connect and strengthen communities by advancing the art of magic through outreach programming and advocacy. We educate, entertain, and inspire individuals of all abilities, backgrounds, and ages.www.magicalhealing.org / info@magicalhealing.org.