Newton's Spring Fling

Sep 29 2011 | 08:36 AM

Newton’s Spring Street was host to a community party on Sunday when the downtown merchants and the Greater Newton Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Spring Fling. Residents from across the county and other areas came to have a taste of Newton’s restaurants, and rediscover the many specialty stores that dot Spring Street. The event featured an art and antique sale as well as entertainment and lots of shopping opportunities. Pictured from top to bottom: the Cronen family of Vernon takes a stroll on Spring Street; Andre de Waal, owner of Andre’s Restaurant, offers a complimentary glass of wine to a visitor; musicians Craig Meyer and Martin Rivas entertian the crowd; Jennie Traill Schaeffer of Traill Works Painting and Design Studio shows some art pieces for sale; children enjoy some of the attractions offered by the area merchants; Tracy de Waal prepares a dish outdoors as did many restaurants in the area. At right, Josephine Cronen of Vernon enjoys a sweet treat during the outdoor event.