Tour a local pawpaw fruit farm

Business. The North Atlantic Farming Association (NOFA) offers a wide variety of events, including a Sept. 28 tour of a local farm that grows pawpaw, which is a fruit native to northern New Jersey. NOFA seeks new members to support such education of farmers, gardeners, and consumers.

23 Sep 2019 | 07:09

Taste and learn how to grow the delicious pawpaw, a fruit native to the Northeastern US that is resistant to pests and diseases and produces delicious sweet fall fruit by attending a Sept. 28 tour of a local pawpaw farm.. Charlie West has produced paw-paws for ten years in New Jersey and during his childhood on an Ohio farm. Charlie and his family settled on their farm in Branchburg after a career as a college instructor in botany and plant sciences. They will share tastes of the varieties of pawpaws and how to grow pawpaws in the garden or farm.

Registration is required. Cost for members is $20 and cost for non-members is $25. Becoming a new member or renewing membership supports NOFA-NJ's important work. To find out exact time of the event, and to find about NOFA-NJ visit Additionally, members of the pubic can help NOFA-NJ provide outreach and education opportunities for farmers, gardeners, consumers and homeowners in the Garden State through volunteering and donations. For a donation of $40, receive discounts on programming and discounts for seed purchase and NOFA's Bulk Order Program.