Tom Tice of "Warrior Strong" speaks to Hopatcong Students

Youth. Students learned about the trials and joys of Tom Tice and why he started "Warrior Strong."

16 Dec 2019 | 12:38

On Friday, Dec. 6, Tom Tice of Warrior Strong told seventh graders at the Middle School and eighth graders at the High School about overcoming struggles. Tice told students that the choices they make now will influence their future.

Tom always knew he wanted a career that allowed him to help people, and his unique journey led him to start a non-profit organization called Warrior Strong, which provides free fitness classes for veterans, active-duty members and their dependents. Tom’s story, about overcoming the labels placed on him and pursuing his passion despite having no knowledge on how to do so, captured the students' attention.

The eighth grade class shared that many of them have family members who are active-duty members and/or veterans and asked how they can get involved with Warrior Strong.

Warrior Strong has yoga, group workouts, spin classes and more for active-duty members, veterans and their dependents throughout Morris County. Information about these classes can be found on their website

Eighth graders Sofija Kelesovska, Gabriella Green and Kyanna Trujillo (pictured from left to right) took particular interest in both Tom’s story and Warrior Strong’s mission. Gabriella Green’s brother, Hopatcong alumni Dom Green, is in the U.S. Army and is deployed in Afghanistan. Dom recently received a medal for bravery. Gabriella was interested in learning any way that her family can connect with other families who have a member deployed in the area.

Principal Hallenbeck noted that Warrior Strong is a good opportunity for students to learn about community, hard work, passion, perseverance and more. He has plans for the students to engage more with the Warrior Strong community in the spring of 2020.