SHS Band places third in Atlantic Coast Championship

Sparta. The Marching Band has a lot to celebrate after placing third in the Nov. 2 Atlantic Coast Championships in Harrisburg, PA.

05 Nov 2019 | 02:25

A celebratory police escort on Route 15 brought home the Marching Spartans on Nov. 2 from the Atlantic Coast Championships that concluded at the Central Dauphin Stadium in Harrisburg, PA.

Beating out 22 bands in Group 2A from the Atlantic Coast region of Tournament of Bands, the Marching Spartans finished an impressive third place win, with a score of 90.940.

They played familiar songs from the rock band Queenm such as “We Will Rock You” and “Don’t Stop Me Now." Marching Spartans have a rigorous schedule from July to November, with two camps, and 9 hours or more per week on the field, practicing, performing or competing. They perform and support the Sparta High School football team at every home and away game as well.

The band is present at local parades and played at the opening of the new ShopRite.

Overseeing band members are teachers and coaches who work tirelessly:
· Director, Music and Drill Design – Scott Tomlin.
· Assistant Director – Dr. Deborah Gianuzzi.
· Color Guard and Visual Designer – Lori Tomlin.
· Percussion – Phil Gallo and Ken O’Rourke.
· Brass Instructor and Drill Tech – Josh Woldt.
· Woodwind Instructor – Andrew Lopez.
The band is led on the field by:
· Drum Majors – Luke Simmons and Emily Yarnall.
· Drumline Captain – Kae DeGiovanni.
· Woodwind Captains – Sean Ailara and Suvaani Ranasinghe.
· Brass Captains – Reese Brancato and Zander Papandrikos.
· Front Percussion Captain – Jed Sutton.
· Color Guard Captains – Jolie Dottinger and DeAnna Masucci.
· Quartermaster – Josh Muzzi.
· Band Manager – Charlotte Rogoff.