NJ Homeland Security on Coronavirus

02 Mar 2020 | 03:02

The New Jersey Department of Homeland Security continues to monitor the rapidly evolving and expanding COVID-19 situation. As of Tuesday, in New Jersey eight people had tested negative for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and one case had been identified in Westchester, NY with more than 100 cases identified in the United States.

On Tuesday school officials and state and local officials held a conference call regarding New Jersey preparations for response to the Coronavirus.

COVID-2019 is a respiratory infection caused by a novel (new) virus that arose from the area of Wuhan, China in December 2019. For the most part, early cases were linked to a seafood and animal market, which suggests possible animal-to-person spread of the virus. The market closed on Jan. 2, 2020 in response to the outbreak and as part of the investigation into the outbreak.

Once infected, the virus may cause respiratory illness. Outbreaks of novel virus are a public health concern. Risk from outbreak depends on virus characteristics, including how well it transmits from person to person, severity of illness, and available medical and other methods to control the virus's impact, such as vaccines or medications, for example.

For more information about NJ's response to the Coronavirus outbreak, visit nj.gov/health/cd.