Septic safety

Public Safety. The public is advised to contact Sussex County if having questions about the NJDEP's public safety recommendations regarding septic tank filters and maintenance.

06 Oct 2019 | 12:30

    Sparta Township advises that in 2012 the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) revised septic regulations, requiring installation of outflow filters for septic tanks. Although the septic tank filter requirement, for septic tanks that were installed in 2012 or after, was implemented to extend longevity of disposal fields, it requires routine maintenance.

    Septic tank outflow filter maintenance frequency varies, depending on use. Septic tanks produce dangerous gases such as methane. The DEP advises residents of potential hazards and recommends septic tank maintenance services for safety.

    For more information, residents are advised to contact the Sussex County Division of Health at 973-579-0370.