Byram Mayor update for residents about COVID-19 in Byram

23 Mar 2020 | 12:33

    Residents of Byram:

    As you might have seen or heard by now, there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in our town. I am sure this will cause some concern for our residents, but please know that the County Board of Health is working on the situation and tracking down people who might have been in contact with this person.

    Byram is a community – a strong community – located in a rural section of New Jersey. The fact that COVID-19 has found its way here is representative that it knows no borders. It clearly illustrates the seriousness of this issue and that residents must modify their behavior.

    As township officials, we can only reiterate that prevention is paramount. It is imperative that you practice strict social distancing. Literally, stay away from other people as much as possible. Practice cleanliness and proper hygiene. Avoid trips out. Every time you take an action, ask yourself: Is this an unnecessary risk that I don’t need to take?

    If you feel as though you have symptoms indicating that you have COVID-19, please immediately contact a healthcare professional for assistance or advice.

    Last, our governor has issued executive orders 107 and 108 which more or less is ordering people to remain home and not leave. This situation is very serious and it is critical that residents take appropriate action to help stop, or slow, the spread of this disease.

    -Mayor Alex Rubenstein, Byram Township

    Newly formed NJ State COVID-19 page:
    Byram Township Municipal Hall
    Phone: 973-347-4008