Caretaker arrested, charged with theft

27 Jan 2020 | 11:45

    A local caretaker was arrested on Thursday, Jan. 2, after a Sparta resident told police that their elderly mother's caretaker seemed to have been stealing money from their residence. Sparta Police stated that "approximately $8,000 went missing over a three week period. Sparta Detectives began an investigation and confronted the caretaker, 50-year-old Eileen Sullivan of Branchville...Ms. Sullivan had money in the side pocket of her lunch cooler, totaling $500, that she had just taken from the residence that day."

    The caretaker was placed under arrest and brought to Sparta Police Headquarters. Sullivan was charged with a third degree theft of movable property and police say she was advised to have no contact with her former employers. She received a mandatory court appearance date and released.