Documentary at SCCC: 'The kids we lose'

04 Apr 2019 | 12:53

    By Laurie Gordon
    NEWTON - NORWESCAP Child and Family Resource services will present the film, The Kids we Lose, on Thursday, April 11 at Sussex County Community College (SCCC).
    "The Kids We Lose" is a powerful 90-minute documentary about the human side of being a child or student with behavioral challenges, and the struggles faced by parents, educators, staff in facilities, mental health clinicians, and law enforcement professionals in trying to ensure that these kids receive the help they need. The film also exposes the often brutal, inhumane ways in which kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges are treated in schools, inpatient psychiatry units, residential facilities, and prisons. Their hopelessness, misery, and frustration are palpable. The human toll is hard to fathom. But these are also the most expensive kids in our society. Doing the wrong thing costs a fortune. When we don’t help our most vulnerable kids, we all lose.
    “Our hope is to heighten awareness of the problem and galvanize people to change things for the better in our community,” said Laura Mickley, Tri-County Training Manager for NORWESCAP Child and Family Resources Services.
    As the State’s Child Care Resource and Referral in Sussex, Warren and Hunterdon counties, NORWESCAP is continually researching and distributing new information and resources to families and early educators.
    “We have found that more families and early educators are struggling with helping children with lagging behavioral skills.” Mickley said.”
    Given the behavior challenges that families and educators are dealing with, NORWESCAP has been following Dr. Ross Greene’s work and Lives in Balance ( When the collaboration with Lone Wolf Media to produce this documentary was announced, NORWESCAP immediately started planning to bring the documentary to a local venue.
    “Our hope is to bring the plight of these children, their families and educator’s to the public’s awareness,” Mickley said. “The event is free and includes the documentary and refreshments. There will be resource tables from area stakeholders and a panel discussion on how we can advocate for children, families and educators in our community after the film. Early educator’s will also receive training hours.”
    The intended audience includes families, early educators, and community stakeholders. Early educators can register through the Workforce Registry: (Time ID 151441). Others can register by calling NORWESCAP at 973-383-3461 or or