Franklin police seeking ShopRite suspects

Franklin. Police say suspects stole items valued at close to $1,000.

06 Aug 2019 | 11:33

Franklin Borough police are still seeking suspects from an alleged theft at ShopRite on Tuesday, July 31.

Police said stolen items include an air conditioner, and other items. Police said a woman also attempted to take an LCD television. The value of the merchandise is close to $1,000.

Both parties in the attached photographs had “paid” stickers on hand that they affixed to the merchandise as they proceeded through the store, then left the store, past the point of sale, with the items, without first purchasing the merchandise. Ultimately both left the store prior to police arrival and prior to being identified.

Anyone able to identify the attached pictured suspects is asked to contact Detective Daniel Flora at 973-827-7700, Ext. 237 or Lieutenant Nevin Mattessich 973-827-7700, Ext. 231.