Routine traffic stop leads to chase, crash, and apparent escape attempt

Milford. A car chased by police cruisers crashes into a tree outside the NBT Bank in Milford.

22 Dec 2020 | 01:33

While getting gasoline at the Turkey Hill gas station in Milford on Dec. 8, at about 9:30 p.m., I suddenly heard police sirens on all directions. I saw one police cruiser come screaming right down 7th Street and head towards the NBT Bank, driving past it in the direction of the American Legion. The car siren could be heard fading in the distance, then very quickly returning and getting louder.

Then there was a loud thump and an even louder crash. A car engine could be heard grinding and laboring before it totally shut down.

Suddenly, several additional police cruisers came roaring in and surrounded the area. A woman came out of the crashed car running, in a seeming attempt to escape.

Shouting ensued: “Get on the ground!” “Show me your hands!” “Put your hands behind your back!”

Then there was a surrender, and an arrest.

A tree outside the bank bears the scars from the crash. There was broken glass at the curb where the car first hit, and a streak of oil leading to the tree.

One of the officers on the scene told me this whole thing resulted from a routine traffic stop.

Now the car is totaled, and it looks like some rather severe charges may be filed.

A police report could not be obtained by press time. This story will be updated.