Stolen toboggan

Law & Order. Police say a toboggan was stolen from a resident's porch. A $500 reward is being offered.

09 Dec 2019 | 03:56

By Laurie Gordon

A reward is being offered for a missing toboggan. The reward is from an anonymous donor and Sussex County Sheriff's Department.

“It was stolen from the porch of my shop, Broadwell, at 27 on Main Street in Stillwater,” said Natalie Gooding. “I noticed it on the 12th of November but it could have been a few days beforehand as I was away. I posted on social media that it was stolen.”

“Anonymous donors who are Stillwater residents want to put up $250 as a reward for its safe return,” said Hilary Manser, Confidential Assistant to Sheriff Michael Strada. “Crimestoppers is matching this with another $250 for a total reward of $500.”

The Sussex County Sheriff’s Crime Stoppers is a nonprofit corporation funded by contributions from individuals and local businesses at zero cost to the taxpayer. The program is run by a volunteer civilian board of commissioners which oversees routine business affairs, controls finances, and determines reward amounts and methods of payment.

“Crimes, no matter how small, will not be tolerated,” Strada said. “This is a reminder that our communities need to be vigilant and that crimes can occur anywhere. Crimestoppers is happy to partner with the community by offering a reward hopefully leading to the individual(s) responsible for this theft.”

Gooding said there are always items on her porch but she's never had a case of theft.

“People have even messaged me about stuff and I tell them how much, they tuck the money in an agreed on spot and off they go,” Gooding said. “It took me a few days to realize the sled was gone because I was away but it was hard to miss that this giant thing was missing! My guess is some kids took it for a little inebriated fun and it's now at the bottom of a hill, crashed into a tree. My Facebook and Instagram posts got a lot of attention and shares so that's what stirred it all up. It's a shame, the cushion alone was pretty cool and I hope it is returned.”

If you have any information about the missing toboggan, message Gooding through her facebook page at: Broadwell 27 or contact the Sussex County Crimestoppers at: