Unity Tour fundraiser by RDA Fitness

28 Mar 2019 | 02:56

    Byram - On Sunday March 23, 2019, RDA Fitness hosted a fundraiser to support members of the Hopatcong Police Department who are participating in the 2019 Police Unity Tour. The primary purpose of the Police Unity Tour is to raise awareness of Law Enforcement Officers who have died in the line of duty. The secondary purpose is to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and Museum.
    As a retired police chief and former Police Unity Tour participant, Phil Crosson, along with his wife, Barbara, the owners of RDA Fitness, wanted to support the worthy cause. Therefore, what better way for a gym to bring awareness of the sacrifice that each officer makes in traveling to Washington DC by bicycle, than by coordinating an indoor cycle-a-thon?
    Being such a tight knit and generous community, many RDA Fitness members were eager to participate in the 2-hour benefit, raising $1,200 for Team Hopatcong and the Police Unit Tour.
    The Police Unity Tour departs for the National Law Enforcement Memorial on May 9, 2019 and RDA Fitness will continue to accept donations for Team Hopatcong and the Police Unity Tour through April 15, 2019.
    In addition, RDA Fitness plans to host another fitness fundraiser involving a high intensity police academy recruit workout where one can test one's fitness to see if having what it takes to complete a daily police acad-emy workout. Visit the website www.rdafitness.com and the RDA Fitness Facebook Page for details, then have some fun and support a great cause. "In valor there is hope.”