Sparta football does it again

Sports. Sparta may just make it all the way this year. After defeating Nutley this week in Sparta's ninth win in a row, with a final of 54 to 21, Spartans have just two more games to win before they'd be off to the finals for the state championships.

10 Nov 2019 | 06:58

On Friday, Nov. 8, on Cassel's Field, the Spartans advanced into their ninth consecutive win with just two games to go until the Varsity Football Championship showdown at MetLife Stadium. Friday night's bitter temperature forced the Spartans to stomp their feet, and bundle up between plays, but their spirits were hot all night on their way to yet another win, amid shivering fans' wild cheers.

The first Sparta touchdown of the night happened within minutes of kickoff, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

Always one to count on, Austin Castorina scored 3 touchdowns, and blazed a total of 243 yards on 20 carries, while James Hogle added 6 points with 2 passes and 81 yards. Helping stop the Raiders was Dom Gigantelli with 6 tackles, Nick Broccoletti's 4 tackles, and Vinny DeSimone's powerhouse kicks, grabbing 6 points.

Quick as usual,Tyler Szabo ran for 23 yards and scored an effortless touchdown, while Freshman Phenom Austen Frattera ultimately led the Spartans to their win, throwing 285 yards, bringing fans to their feet five times with each touchdown he offered toward the Spartan victory. The scoreboard lit up with the final score of 54-21, and despite the 21 degree temperature by game's end, unfazed fans lingered and enjoyed the festive atmosphere of another win on the long-awaited new turf.

Sparta will play for its 10th consecutive win on Friday night as they again host on Cassel's Field, challenging West Essex, in what promises to be yet another exciting home game.