Sparta Varsity Football wins seventh game in a row

Sports. Sparta Varsity Football is on a roll. If the Spartans can keep the momentum going, this Friday would be their eighth straight win.

29 Oct 2019 | 03:54
The Sparta High School Varsity football team has done it yet again.
Spartans stampeded past the Montville Mustangs at Friday night's game, clinching their seventh win under the bright lights. Spectators lined the fences surrounding Cassels field, anxious to get the best view of the show, and what a show it was.
With a final score of 48-13, the Mustangs held their own with back and forth hard fought plays, until the whole game turned around in one fell swoop that had fans erupting in cheers. With the Mustangs threatening their third touchdown just feet from the end zone, Tyler Szabo intercepted a Montville pass, carrying the ball in an undefended run to the opposite side of the field in an incredible 102 yard touchdown. The Mustangs did not score again, unable to catch the Spartans in their electrifying Homecoming game.
Senior Running Back Austin Castorina, dazzled as usual, scoring 18 points on 24 carries, with a total of 196 yards run in his game and 3 touchdowns, catching twice for 62 yards, while phenom-Freshman Quarterback Austen Frattura scored 3 touchdowns, carrying the ball for an impressive total of 274 yards. Powerhouse kicker Vinny DeSimone made good on six extra points for the Spartans, while James Hogle wowed with 3 catches and 65 yards. On defense, Sam Bushey smashed down the Mustangs with 7 tackles, adding to the unstoppable energy on the field.
The Spartans host Morris Hills, Friday Nov. 1, playing for the 8th win under the lights on Cassels field, in what promises to be another exciting, unforgettable Sparta football night.