3rd grader in Virginia would like to learn about New Jersey

25 Feb 2020 | 11:21

I am a third-grade student in Northern Virginia, and my class is learning about the United States. In May, I will create a display for our State Fair, showcasing the unique story of New Jersey.

Although I have already gathered facts about New Jersey from books and web sites, I think that I can receive the best information from people who live there. I am hoping you will send me items to help me learn about New Jersey, and they will be part of my display at school. I am most interested in the NJ history, traditions, and culture that make your state unique. You might consider sending me things like; post cards, photographs, souvenirs, or other unique items that students can learn from. Some questions to consider:

-Why do you live in New Jersey?

-What first brought your family there?

-What do you like most about New Jersey?

-What does New Jersey look/feel/sound like?

-What do you do for a living?

-What traditional recipes or foods?

-What attractions are in NJ?

-Who are famous artists that lived in NJ?

-What is the most famous piece of artwork that is in New Jersey?

I will need answers to questions, and any items listed above, to be sent to my school;

Ms. Lyons's 3rd-grade Class

The Langley School

1411 Balls Hill Road

McLean, Virginia 22101

Thank you.


3rd grade student in Ms. Lyons's class at The Langley School