A monumental win for LGBTQ Americans

22 Jun 2020 | 04:56

    Earlier today, the Supreme Court announced that employees cannot be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity. This landmark ruling extends the basic workplace protections of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to LGBTQ employees. We are both ecstatic that these protections are finally ensured at the federal level and saddened that it has taken so long for them to be guaranteed.

    The timing of this decision is not lost on us at NJDSC. Not only are we in the middle of Pride month, but we’re also seeing one of the biggest civil rights uprisings in recent history. Just yesterday, thousands of people marched in Brooklyn to show their support for Black trans lives, many of whom have been at the forefront of the fight for equality for decades. And while we are still living under an administration that threatens the rights of many minority groups, this Supreme Court decision shows that the hard work of activists, allies and courageous elected officials will continue to pay off.

    So as we celebrate this monumental victory today, we know that there is more work for us to do -- across the country and here in New Jersey -- to protect and support our LGBTQ citizens. We will continue to do everything we can to support Democrats up and down the ballot who support equality for everyone.

    New Jersey Democratic State Committee