Attention all Harris/Biden supporters

| 08 Feb 2021 | 05:42

    To all who hated Trump for standing up for traditional American values and now cheer for the destruction of the Constitution, well comrades, Biden went right to work. He lifted a travel ban in the middle of a pandemic, now we have new strains of Covid-19. He threw 11,000 out of work and is destroying our energy system. He stopped the border wall and is inviting everyone from South America and mezzo America to come and jump on the free money wagon. He cranked up the baby butcher machine here and overseas and promotes homosexuality and sex change, all on our dime. This is just a small sample of Democratic/communist collateral damage.

    The leftists say we Trump/American patriots need to be deprogrammed. Who else talks like that but communists. You keep cheering them on and waving your Biden/Harris flags so we know who and what your are and I will say hello to you on the bread lines if I can buy gasoline at 6 bucks a gallon to see our future under these poisonous people.

    Just look at California where they sleep and defecate on the street and smart people are fleeing in droves. None of this you will see or hear on Democratically controlled news like CNN or CNBC MSNBC, and it’s only a matter of time before they send out Mao Tse-tungs, little red book mandatory of course, and pick people like me up and send us to Camp Pelosi for political re-education.

    I and people like me that are still sane will die on our feet fighting all of this before we take a knee to it, so keep telling how wonderful this all is comrades, apocalypse now.

    William E. Smith III