Categorize Trump supporters as racists?

16 Dec 2019 | 03:18

    I am absolutely appalled that you would print the letter to the editor by some John Klumpp in the last issue of the Township Journal.

    There is not ONE fact - only incredibly rude insults and misinformation. How dare he characterize Trump supporters as racists, etc. He doesn't know us. He isn't even original. We have heard this nonsense before. Actually, we hear it constantly. Just because propagandists say this, doesn't make it so.

    What doesn't he like? Incredibly low unemployment, fewer regulations, higher stock markets, and so on. And President Trump is the most dovish President in many decades.

    Many of us - 50% of the population in fact - are Trump supporters. I did not have to hold my nose to vote for him and I will not be bullied by crackpots, Democrats, academia and the media into hiding my support.

    I well know my American History and we are certainly not in danger of "losing our souls". One only has to look at the illegal proceedings of the House impeachment gang to realize how close we are coming to losing our precious Constitution.

    Some folks need to learn some civility. Yes, that's you Klumpp. We can discuss anything, but that can't happen when the other side resorts to name-calling and outright lies.

    Brenda Izzo

    Andover Township