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16 Dec 2019 | 03:22

    Where to begin?

    "Well John, where to begin. The bottom of the recession occurred in Q1/09 and, historically, the simple rule of thumb of economists has always been "the steeper the downturn the stronger the recovery." However, in this case, the recovery was anemic at best. On a quarterly basis Obama averaged 1.9% growth over the 32 quarters of his presidency versus 2.6% for the first 11 quarters of Trump's. Viewed annually, Obama 1.6% vs. 2.6% again for Trump (through Q3/19). These aren't my numbers they're from the BEA.

    We had, based on the data, not opinions, the worst economic recovery since WWII. But Obama and his proxies (including the media) told the American public that his was the "new normal" so get used to it. Those manufacturing jobs were never coming back. You think the FS/DoJ/Intelligence were "demeaned" and I think they broke the law. We'll wait for the IG and Dunham to see if there are indictments.

    As for "reliable news sources" when 90+ percent of anything is on one side of something the least bit controversial, basic statistics should tell you that something's wrong. Lastly, while you may think of his rally-goers as sophomoric, they appear to see him as someone who is listening to them. And, BTW, Obama had very few news conferences and Trump has one every time he walks to his helicopter.."


    Getting somewhere

    -"I'm happy for your reply. An excellent letter ,well written and clearly stated. Not that I am anyone to judge, but, I liked your reply; and you make valid points that sometimes can tone down my over the top rhetoric. it's a start, maybe we can get others to contribute to a dialogue which can be good for all of us."

    -John Klumpp


    On 'visceral hatred'Perhaps you quit reading after my first sentence, so I'll limit my reply to just your first sentence. He ,in no way, 'Jump started" the economy. Statistics show Obama had the economy roaring back after the Bush debacle. But the time trump took office, the economy was growing strong...trump did nothing but ride the wave established by his predecessor,. Check it out. But my "visceral hatred", as you call it, might better be referred to as a healthy disdain for the presidency of this individual. A disdain that go's well beyond the economy, and is clearly laid out in my third paragraph to which I would add the following: The Foreign Service, the Justice Dept. and the Intelligence Dept. being demeaned, the military discipline undermined, reliable news sources called "fake", and sophomoric "rally's" usurping the place of the news conferences the public is entitled to . You are welcome to disagree if you can. Intelligent rebuttal is available to all, even from the right. ( people like you) and their media. Dialogue is healthy; keep posting.

    -John Klumpp