Dander up and MAGA hat on

09 Dec 2019 | 10:59

    I do not normally respond to editorials; but Mr. John Klumpp's letter to the Editor truly got my "dander up" and made me run to retrieve my "MAGA" Hat!!

    First, I am Retired, a Veteran with an Honorable Discharge. I am a former Business owner. I am a White male and a non-felon. In some eyes, this would make me a "Good Ole Boy" racist white supremacist and any other derogatory adjective they think may fit.

    Mr. Klump did get one thing right. It's not that wretched President Trump in the room; it's that wretched deplorable group of elephants; better known as the G.O.P. The other group in the room is the donkeys; better known as the "Jackasses."

    I assume the 40% Mr. Klumpp is referring to is the 63 million Trump voters. To characterize 63 million Trump voters as ignorant indifferent dupes who tolerate lies, fits Mr. Klumpp's personal narrative well.

    I believe a good portion of those 63 million Trump voters were just so tired of how D.C. was operating. Not doing the job they were elected to do. It is so paralyzed and partisan. They only care about their particular careers and how to gain more power for themselves. I also believe a portion of the 63 million Trump voters just could not stomach Hillary Clinton and the thought of her as President. I also believe there were voters who just voted Party Lines. My personal motivation to vote for candidate Trump was in consideration of any appointments that might be made for the Supreme Court; but that's just me.

    Candidate/President Trump's snake oil was, and is consistent -

    "Make America Great Again."

    "America First."

    "Build the Wall."

    "Drain the Swamp," etc.

    The Donkeys couldn't believe it. OMG, what are we going to do? I'm moving to Canada, Australia, Haties or where ever. This is not fair; We worked so hard; I hate him; I'm going to faint. We have to beat him.

    So now, the supremely intelligent progressive Donkey Party is going to work extremely hard to change this by giving all of us ....

    #1 - Free Medicare for all, including illegal aliens; oops I'm sorry, "undocumented inhabitants."

    #2 - Free school from pre-school through college and forgive all student debt.

    #3 - Tear down the wall for complete open borders.

    #4 - Get rid of ICE and allow lawless sanctuary cities to exist.

    #5 - Give them your guns and your babies too.

    Plus a litany of other proposals such as "The Green New Deal," which would outlaw all carbon fuels. This would result in the end of air travel; cause most vehicles to become obsolete; mandate that almost all business's and homes be retro-fitted with alternative heat and air-conditioning, and more. Of course, when asked how these are going to be paid for, we don't get a straight or comprehensive answer.

    The Donkeys have been deeply engaged in impeachment since before - day one! We will soon see how that works out.

    On the other hand, that snake oil must have a trove of secret and righteous powers. How can this be; asked the Donkeys? The Stock Market hasn't crashed? It's at its highest level ever? Ahh!! There are more jobs now since the 50's? Ahh!! Worker's wages are up? Ahh!! The country is energy self-sufficient? Ahh!! Interest rates and inflation are under control? How can his be? Snake oil.

    I can only imagine how much stronger our Country could be if Congress actually worked with each other toward the betterment of our Country and realize Trump is not your "typical" politician; but he is succeeding in many ways.

    In closing, I believe all voters and Americans would rather have a more bipartisan Congress than what we have now!

    Together we stand, united we fall.

    Arthur Rinkle