Encourages residents to give in-person, online comment calling for fracking moratorium in NJ

11 Sep 2019 | 04:16

    On Sept. 12, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities will be holding its final meeting offering New Jerseyans the opportunity to offer input for the 2019 Energy Master Plan: Policy Vision to 2050.

    On Aug. 4, 2019, Star-Ledger guest columnist John Reichman commented critically on an op-ed presented by the Board of Public Utilities President Joseph Fiordaliso's praise for the New Jersey master plan blueprint.

    Mr. Reichman is chairman of BlueWaveNJ and is a member of the steering committee of EmpowerNJ, a coalition of more than 80 environmental and community organizations. Mr. Reichman stated that the present energy plan in process, and intended to be in place for 30 years, calls for no moratorium on proposed fracking projects pending!

    Fracking, Mr. Reichman informed us, exudes 30% of greenhouse gas. He stated that "it will be impossible to meet guidelines" set by the latest intergovernmental panel on climate change report and the latest U.S. national climate change assessment.

    Both of the latter two expert bodies call for rapid and immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions: 45% reductions from 2010 levels by 2030 and net zero emissions around 2050. Both California and New York have set these for their goals. Surely New Jersey should aspire to the same.

    New Jerseyans who wish to urge placing a moratorium on fracking projects may make written comments until noon on Monday, Sept. 16, 2019 at emp.comments@bpu.nj.gov.

    We can't afford to remain passive by not taking this step to effectively address climate change - all the more so because of the Trump policy in place!

    Marilyn Chapman, RN, MSW