Expresses sorrow and concern at nation's dysfunction

24 Jan 2019 | 05:57

    The Government shutdown has now entered its 30th day.  Eight hundred thousand of our families are suffering for something they don't deserve. This unfortunate event prompts this post, written not with a sense of arrogance, but with a sense of sorrow.
    The cancer that is killing government function starts with the President. It has metastasized to infect the body politic. It has destroyed our sense of the common weal and replaced it with tribalism. We have morphed into a nation of perceived winners and losers and our elected officials haven't yet learned that and "eye for an eye' eventually blinds everyone. This human cancer is in the process of destroying the foundation upon which democracy and our national identity rests. It must be excised. 
    Fish rot from the head down and the stench assails the nostrils of decency. Our country is seriously sick. The doctor is out and  it seems like there is no one else to  call.
    John Klumpp