Grateful for graffiti removal

08 Jan 2020 | 07:35

    Often times, members of a community are very quick to respond to public employees of their municipality and elected government officials in a negative manner for all of the numerous concerns citizens have with respect to the happenings around town. I am writing today to commend Sparta Mayor Molly Whilesmith, Town Manager William Close, and Public Works Director James Zepp for not only answering my inquiry regarding graffiti in town but immediately removing it.

    It is this type of pride in our community and paying close attention to the concerns of all of Sparta's citizens that makes Sparta an incredible place to live in and raise a family. These individuals could have taken the easy route and placed my concerns within their list of things "to do:" however, understanding how an act of graffiti and defacing public property, that can be easily viewed by others, can be detrimental to the perception of a town they didn't hesitate - And that's what makes Sparta different! Thank you! Giving credit, where credit is due.

    Rich Tomko