I take a knee for today’s cause Black Lives Matter

03 Jul 2020 | 09:25

    To the Editor:

    Finally! June 18 edition provided excellent read in two articles, thank you.

    Erin Walsh should be writing weekly, valuable history, clearly presented and very informative. It is a credit to your paper to find such highly informative information delivered to my door. Was unaware of 90% of this history and now want to hear more!

    I live in Lake Lenape section of Andover township, former home of Original Land Owners, Lenape Indians.A member of my family owns a business in Warwick, N.Y. I found Sabrina Jennings’ story to be both sad and informative.

    Why in this day and age do we still have children being taught at home. Children learn what they live. To disrespect another of God’s children in such an ugly manner?

    Soon to be 80 years old, I grew up in a time when World War II soldiers came home from war and shared how when in a foxhole with bullets flying each man took care of his fellow warrior regardless of skin color or nationality!

    As fellow Americans we frequently forget we took this land from Native Americans. I take a knee for today’s cause Black Lives Matter. In my career I’ve worked along side the finest people, never saw the color of skin, it only matters what’s in one’s heart and whether we have integrity, good will and honor toward each other.

    May we find peace soon.Thank you to a wise editor!

    Toni Ostroman