06 Feb 2019 | 07:58

    Unprecedented and certainly unpresidential. El Presidente Trump has done it again. Our national security council members testified under oath before a congressional committee, and they spoke the truth. Problem is in doing so they contradicted Trump. He of course responded in his usual highly enlightened way, he disparaged them and insulted them. Mind you these folks are career patriots, in several cases appointed by our reigning dictator.
    Some in the national security community are referring to his conduct as, “willful ignorance”. That’s a more glamourous way of describing dereliction of duty. The results are the same,enemies that are encouraged and allies that are discouraged.
    This individual is so lacking in any reasonable level of character it’s more obvious than a king without robes. Actually so obvious he makes a king without robes look over dressed. Our nation has robes and they are woven from numerous inspiring threads: integrity, class, patriotism, dignity, wisdom and courage. Threads that together create a heavy fabric indeed. Too heavy for Trump, but that is not the defining problem. The problem is they just don’t fit him. They don’t fit because as a president he is a misfit, tragically unfit.
    We are a nation suffering despite having magnificent robes because we don’t have a king worthy of wearing them.
    Mike La Rose