My opposing view on the Paris Accord

| 01 Feb 2021 | 03:24

    To the Editor:

    I believe there is a great danger to the U.S. economy and to our standards of living in the U.S., with the re-joining of the Paris Accord. Here is why: We all want clean water and clean air. But reducing our oil supply will not only will drastically raise prices at the pump but also across all industrial and consumer goods as well.

    Further compounding our energy cost with the coming carbon taxes is fraught with dangers. There are no other practical ways to eliminate carbon from smoke stacks, other than high prices or using less energy. Electric vehicles only shift the carbon from the tailpipe to the power plants that burn fossil fuels.

    Wind and solar has severe limitations which I could argue separately. Gas now in the E.U. is $6 gallon. And in the U.S., home heating and electricity costs will soon skyrocket when the carbon taxes are also added on, both at the power plant and the consumers. This year, energy costs will only go up 25% just to minimize the public shock/rebellion. Within a few years, the carbon taxes on gasoline will shortly equate with the E.U. gas prices.

    You will here the mantra “Fair is fair!” Right? The new administration does not talk about what we do with petroleum other than burning it for fuel uses. Other than fuels, Scott Gottlieb won’t talk about these other products that are also derived from petroleum: which have no affect on carbon. Such as, where does our commercial fertilizers that feed the country comes from? Or our plastics, the cars rubber tires and polyester fibers? (Half our fabrics today are blends of polyester.) And pharmaceuticals along with the soles of our sneakers? It’s all from oil!

    Costs of all petroleum-derived material will skyrocket due to the Paris Accord. And sadly, I don’t think John Kerry and AOC even know about our needs for petroleum beyond fuels! With reduced oil supplies and resultant high prices, we will experience a gross reduction in our standard of living in the U.S. Airlines will also suffer as many more people won’t afford the tickets due to exaggerated increased fuel costs. along with John Kerry can still afford to fly private jets or commercial. But the American masses wont be able to afford these coming carbon taxes added onto jet fuel.

    In summary, massive inflation, much job loss with all experiencing a reduced standard of living is ahead due to the Paris Accord. Except for elites!

    Burton Trattner