NJ citizens have been too uninformed on climate change

30 Sep 2019 | 06:20

    Open Letter to Senator Christopher Batemen: Since Al Gore was defeated by George Bush, New Jersey citizens have been too uninformed about the quickly-escalating and dangerous effects of climate change confront our leaders about taking action. I have been an activist ever since that disheartening defeat. as a Unitarian Universalist. One of the seven principles of Unitarians is to support the interdependent web of life. The UUFaith Action committee will be having a state wide conference on October l9.

    I spoke with Mr. John Reichman, the chairman of Blue-WaveNJ’s Environmental committee, and a member of the Steering Committee of EmpowerNJ, a coalition of more than 80 environmental and community organizations, on the phone while he was in his car last week. I l had read his powerful article in the Star Ledger on August 4th.

    In Mr. Reichman’s column, he said that, “We cannot hope to meet the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 unless we take the ‘bold and aggressive’ action of placing a moratorium on fossil fuel projects."

    Unfortunately, with the skepticism I have about the awareness New Jersey voters have shown about climate issues, it’s impossible for me to imagine that they would be effective in supporting a resolution—even if it could be accomplished in time to be meaningful in minimizing the damage now being effected in communities across New Jersey.

    Mrs. Murphy, in a recent Ledger column wrote that, “New Jersey is warming at a rate faster than almost all other states. Our shore lines are vanishing, we have harmful algal blooms, rain comes in torrential downpours and our summers are blazing hot. All of this, as a direct result of climate change, will cost News Jersey a projected $l0 billion.”

    I can’t tell you how heartening it is for me to see a Republican lawmaker not making the climate emergency a partisan issue. In today’s political climate, that makes you a hero in my book.

    I asked Mr. Reichman what we can do to persuade Governor Murphy to place a moratorium on fossil fuel projects. He said, “Call the governor every Monday”. I called last Monday and today. His secretary thanked me for calling and said she would pass my message along to Mr. Murphy. I’m passing this along among all the groups in my community in which I participate, but we need the support of your power, particularly as a Republican, who is unwilling to make the climate emergency a partisan issue.

    The time bomb is ticking on my granddaughter, and all of our grandchildren.

    Marilyn Chapman, RN, MSW, LCSW