Quality education is reliant on district policies and expenditures

21 Oct 2019 | 01:21

    One of the privileges of living in the United States is the opportunity for a free public education. However, the quality of this education is reliant on the policies and expenditures of the individual districts. The administrators, faculty, staff and students are dependent upon the vision and goals for the district developed by the local board of education.

    As an educator for over forty years, I have followed the candidates running for the Sparta Board of Education to assure that the administrators, faculty, staff, and students are guided by members who are driven by one goal- providing an equal quality educational experience for all the students in the Sparta public school system. School board candidate, Niamh Grano, is dedicated to that goal.

    Having known Niamh Grano since she was a child, I know that she is an independent thinker. When planning, she carefully researches the advantages and disadvantages before settling on a course of action. This is also how she approached the decision to run for the Sparta Board of Education. After careful consideration, she realized that she is an excellent candidate. Her goal is not a political one. Her goal is an authentic interest in the well-being of the students and the personnel involved in guaranteeing those students a quality education.

    As a school board member, Niamh Grano will use her ability to thoroughly investigate all Board policies by consulting with experts in the field and sharing their viewpoints with her colleagues. She will work with all board members to ensure that all Sparta schools are welcoming environments, and that all students feel valued and are provided with the means to succeed.

    In addition to the local funding provided to public schools, state and national education policies impact the viability of school systems. Niamh Grano has extensive marketing experience for non-profit entities. These skills will enable her to advocate for the Sparta schools not only locally, but at the state, and national levels. She will be an effective watchdog to make sure that the Sparta schools are kept on track.

    For the benefit of the educational opportunities for all Sparta students, vote for Niamh Grano on the Bragg, Morris and Grano ticket for the Sparta Board of Education, #3, #4, #5. The administrators, faculty, staff, and students of Sparta will thank you.

    Maureen Murphy-Smolka