'Shame no longer has meaning in certain circles'

03 Nov 2019 | 10:08

    My frustration rages unabated. Facts no longer matter when the goal is to shoot the messenger. Political survival trumps all. Republican lawmakers, with their abject refusal to recognize the obvious, disgrace themselves daily. Their oath to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies, domestic and foreign, has morphed into protecting a rogue president from the consequences of his myriad assaults upon it. Tribalism is shredding the relevance of our Constitution while unprincipled hypocrites sound the death knell for the values that used to be represented by the United States.

    Even by their own admission, this vile, narcissistic, and petty creature, this human wrecking ball, has been proven guilty of malfeasance while in office. Twisting, dodging, spinning, or hiding will not alter the fact that the legislative monkeys who see, hear, or say no evil are as complicit in this mess as the ignorant poseur who created it.

    Shame no longer has meaning in certain circles, but a ray of hope is emerging from polls that indicate that, even with trump’s rock- solid base of Fox know-nothings, a majority ( 53 – 44% ) now favor the impeachment proceedings that the republicans are trying to sabotage. It is with this in mind that I hope another letter of this tone and content need never be written again.

    John Klumpp