Sheep that live in Sussex County

16 Dec 2019 | 03:04

    This is a response to a pro-Trump diatribe by a Sparta lawyer named George T. Daggett.

    George, all of the accomplishments you credit to Trump actually began during the Obama administration. But, like most of the racists who make up yhe Republiscum Cult, you do not recognize anything Obama achieved. And remember, he spent most of his presidency cleaning up the mess left by G.W. Bush.

    And, as a lawyer (and obviously a Republican), you ignore Trump's flagrant violations of the Constitution, his oath of office, and general decency. But, like a lot of the sheep that live in Sussex County, that's not surprising. You are all robotic sycophants.

    Unlike you, I wrote the letter I intended to write.

    Michael Schnackenberg