Shortage of letters to the editor

22 Dec 2019 | 12:51

I can only imagine there’s been a severe shortage of letters to the Editor being submitted to the Sparta Independent, and that the Editor feels the need to publish everything submitted regardless of content. It seems that the letters of only two or three individuals get printed these days, with the only topic being Donald Trump. The Dec. 19th edition featured two letters each from Messrs. Klumpp and Scnackenberg alone. Obviously the current political climate incites strong reactions from both sides of the spectrum, and a rational dialog should be welcomed by all. However, the Letters to the Editor page has devolved into a personal grudge match and the content has been reduced to name-calling and personal insults. Maybe these folks should exchange personal e-mail addresses and continue their bickering in private? This would free-up room for letters concerning other issues important to the community. I’d also suggest that the Editor publish letters that are at least somewhat respectful in nature and leave the juvenile insults on the cutting room floor.

Dave Richmond