Sparta Board of Education Elections

26 Sep 2019 | 12:53

    With the November Sparta Board of Education election quickly approaching, I am writing this letter to share with the community why I STRONGLY support Kim Bragg for re-election to the Sparta Board of Education. Kim has served on the board of education for the last three years. With my two children getting ready to enter the Sparta public school system, and a sophomore, I wanted to stay abreast of what was happening in our district.

    I started attending board of ed meetings regularly in the fall of 2017, and I began to notice something. Kim Bragg is an independent thinker! Kim was knowledgeable about every item being addressed on the meeting agendas. It was obvious to me that she had done her due diligence preparing and researching each topic before each meeting. If she had a question, or something did not sit right with her, she addressed it. She asked the questions I was thinking.

    Several members sat there with minimal interaction, but not Kim Bragg. Here are just a few examples: When Dr.Rossi proposed moving spring break later in the month, the week before our AP kids had exams, Kim spoke up to vote AGAINST it. When parents voiced their concerns over the late bus being cancelled, she asked the questions I was thinking because working parents depend on the late bus. When parents voiced their concerns with busing issues, both logistics and safety, Kim was advocating for these parents. When the turf field was in the planning stages, she wanted to know what materials had been selected. Were they harmful to our children? Did our district vet out the quality of the turf material knowing that the chemicals from the tire crumbs used in turf fields can be toxic carcinogens? Kim consistently asks the important questions.

    I am confident that Kim will continue to go above and beyond in her efforts to do what is best for the children, parents, teachers and taxpayers of our community.My vote is for Kim Bragg, Kurt Morris and Niamh Grano. I am voting #3, #4, #5.

    Christa Sorensen