Talk about embarrassing!

| 08 Mar 2021 | 04:44

    To the Editor:

    Tell me something Professor Taylor Vatter, why was it necessary to talk down to Ms. Osgood? I am assuming that you are professor, or at least a teacher, having used the phrase “class is in session.” No? If not, making believe you are something you are not doesn’t speak well of your character or lend credence to your statements (for future reference). After this faux pas, you make a blanket statement that there are only two reasons why “Democratic” viewpoints are not always represented in this publication: (1) Dems just don’t write letters to the editor with opposing views, and (2) There are twice as many Republican registered voters than Dems.

    Well, I have a personal story relating to item (1). Last year I was incensed by a viewpoint in the paper (I believe it was on the National Debt and who were responsible for its exploding out of control) that prompted me to write a detailed factual response. It was a might lengthy but a topic such as that just can’t be put to rest in just a few words. It was important enough that on Monday morning I drove down to Sparta, found the newspaper’s offices, went up to the second floor and deposited my response in the box marked (letters to the editor). I won’t keep you in suspense professor... it didn’t get published. It was over 200 words for sure but it was chock full of facts which were put into context of the day. It didn’t bode well for the Republican Party.

    As for your second reason, more registered Republican voters. In the same paper as your rude commentary, there was an article “Does Sussex County’s new appointment system fix the problem(s)? Not really.” Apparently, the county’s Republican leadership has left county residents without a workable means of accessing and scheduling appointments for the Covid vaccine. In fact, the county told the Advertiser reporter that they had “revised its appointment system last week.” Well, the “new, revised” appointment system wasn’t new at all, 9,400 registered applicants would now be notified all at once for 300 weekly slots. Good luck with that.

    The good thing that came out of this, professor, is, thanks to you, everyone now knows who to blame for the incompetence of our leadership in times of need. Maybe the times call for a change, and I am sure Ms. Osgood would agree.

    Peter Compa