Tell the truth

12 Oct 2020 | 05:30

    To the Editor:

    Over 200,000 -- two hundred thousand -- dead and counting! Donald Trump may not have killed these Americans directly, but his mishandling, lies and deceptions helped escort them to their graves.

    I am running for Hampton Township Committee not only because I can ensure that your road will be plowed during a snowstorm but because I can no longer tolerate a political party that builds its strength on lies. It has been said, “ All politics is local” but this time around every candidate running for office needs to make a clear and unvarnished declaration about where they stand about telling the truth. If you are a silent Republican endorsing a truly evil man and his self-serving agenda, than you, for no other reason, deserve to be voted out of office.

    When my opponents’ inevitable letters arrive touting their great achievements for Hampton Township, there will not be one word about the corruption and dishonesty that rules the Republican party. I challenge my opponents to speak up. Can you getup tomorrow and look in the mirror with the courage to know that you have not betrayed everything you have spent a lifetime working for — good and honest government? I may or may not vote for you, but I will respectfully acknowledge your years of public service without shame.

    Join me in standing for truth and transparency in Hampton Township government.

    David de Wit