The elephant in the room is not Trump, it's his voters

01 Dec 2019 | 03:28

    The larger issue, the elephant ignored in the room, is not trump, as wretched as he is. America’s dark little secret lies in the numbers who either hold their nose and endure him for personal reasons, or the suffrage of dupes who believe in him and the snake oil he sells.

    The collective ignorance or indifference of many of us, willful or otherwise, of the historic promise of America gives damning testimony to the cancer that is destroying the moral clarity of a country that once stood for the values that close to 40% of its population seem to have abandoned.

    Lies are tolerated, almost expected, social contracts are broken on a whim, authoritarian regimes are being praised and allies abandoned, racists and bigot and bullies abound uncensored, character assassination has become routine, and the validity of our constitution is questioned by a president purportedly elected to preserve and protect the United States.

    Unless America awakens and reacts to the dangers of losing what can be termed its soul, citizens cognozant of the lessons of history will continue to fear that the future United States may never be deserving of greatness again. Quo vadis America ? Whither goest thou ?

    John Klumpp