Trump on the ropes

07 Mar 2019 | 01:12

    I always love to use boxing terminology, as boxing was my second favorite sport, and for a time I was affiliated with the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, and I recently interviewed the Head on a radio show. With that notion in mind, the Democrats are turning heads in a number of ways. Trump’s moves have seemingly backfired, including his push to turn refugee caravans into a security threat. I borrowed that last sentence, but it is true.
    It is starting to smell like impeachment. Michael Cohen’s appearance in the House scored many points, and the Republicans were attempting to be brutal in their attacks. They are forgetting their role is not just to support the President, but to do right by the nation. Let us note, that the recent election of 11 minority Democrats, with some in heavily deep Trump country -may have dulled the racism raised by the Administration, and that is great.
    In Newt Gingrich’s old district in suburban Atlanta, which is only 15% African-American, Lucy McBath took his seat. The American Prospect noted that her son, Jordan, had been murdered in cold blood for the sin of playing music too loud. Yet, she overcame that horror and ran on a platform of gun control and a Medicare buy-in. A similar result occurred in a district in west of Chicago, long a safe Republican seat that only had 2.9% African-Americans in the District, but a black nurse name Lauren Underwood took the seat as progressive. How about that to quote Mel Allen, a famous Yankee Broadcaster.
    And, as I watched Cohen on every channel, I noted the number of Minority members of Congress that despite his membership with Trump were sympathetic to his testimony, and counter constant attacks of GOP Congress members. The tide might be changing everywhere even in the 24th District in the North West parts of New Jersey. Hmmm, what a sight to see.
    Bill Weightman