We deserve better

22 Jun 2020 | 05:05

    To the Editor:

    I realize there are are a lot of idiots in this world, but Jonathon Leroux has got to to be on the top of the pile. Trump is not fit to bag my groceries let alone to lead the free world. Have you shot yourself up with bleach? Please do. Do you grab women from the “private parts”? Do so and tell me what jail cells look like.

    Anyone who is stupid enough to vote for Trump is beyond what I call dumb. How this jackass ever became our president is a very, very, sad thought on the American people. As a woman, I find him offensive to our gender. Any woman who votes for him either does not have a man (or a woman) or needs to get one. Come on women of the country! We deserve better!

    Christine Billack

    Highland Lakes, N.J.