We have important choices to make

14 Sep 2020 | 06:37

    To the Editor:

    Paper ballots are to be mailed in early October in New Jersey. There are 11 ballot drop boxes in Sussex County, and for Montague residents, Wantage or Sandyston Township are the closest as an alternative to mailing the ballot. Go to the Sussex County clerk’s office for all pertinent details. This is an important election as it will determine the direction of this country: law and order, safety, and a positive economy or chaos, anarchy and destruction of the economy.

    In Montague, we also have a choice to make positive changes in the board of education. I worry about the education of the children and the excessive waste of money and legal fees. Telephone meetings do not work. A Zoom meeting would be better than the telephone. Why is there not a meeting in the gym which can accommodate members of the public, albeit limited to a percentage of the capacity.

    I am only highlighting a few of the many issues facing the board. That is why I made a decision to support Denise Bogle for Montague Board of Education. She has the experience and education to make a difference. She will not be a rubber stamp. I will also support Barbara Holstein who has past experience on the Board.

    I ask that you take a look at their credentials more closely and make the decision to cast your vote for Denise Bogle and Barbara Holstein for Montague Board of Education.

    Maureen E. Kaman