Why is Byram paying twice what SCARC did for its building?

Newton /
| 08 Mar 2021 | 04:39

    To the Editor:

    When making comparisons, it’s always important to get all the details. In most cases getting all the details can be very time consuming, however, it shouldn’t deter legitimate questions from being asked.

    Byram’s proposed new municipal building, which originally had an estimated cost of $11 million. is now estimated at $5.5 million after some modifications, with the possibility of final costs being 10 to 12 percent higher, which would put it over $6 million for the 14,385-square-foot building. In 2019 SCARC unveiled their newly built 16,000-square-foot $2.7 million community center in Frankford, on Route 206.

    The price difference between these two buildings is significant and should raise questions. Is it possible that Byram’s new 14,385-square-foot municipal building could cost more than twice as much as SCARC’s 16,000-square-foot building?

    Tris Tristram