Why is Murphy not receiving the same scrutiny as Cuomo?

Vernon /
| 01 Mar 2021 | 06:14

    To the Editor:

    After winning an Emmy Award and having the national media fawn all over him for close to a year, karma has finally caught up to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo – his role in the countless deaths in New York’s nursing homes and his apparent coverup and deflection from the issue – event to the point of verbal threats to members of his own Democrat Party.

    But what about here in New Jersey? How come Governor Phil Murphy is not receiving the same scrutiny as Cuomo?

    Over 7,000 deaths in nursing and veterans’ homes are directly attributable to Murphy’s Executive Order 103 — sending those infected with COVID into our long-term care facilities. Why isn’t he and his administration receiving the same coverage in the press on the same issue as Cuomo? Why aren’t the Democrats who run New Jersey’s legislature demanding investigations and answers as opposed to the time they spend virtue signaling and passing insignificant legislation?

    The people of New Jersey deserve answers as to why our loved ones needlessly died in nursing homes and accountability from Murphy and his Democrat glad handlers in Trenton.

    Robin Marotta McCann