Chiropratic Expert Dr. Mary Negri, D.C: Chiropractic Care and Relief of Shoulder Pain

18 Jun 2020 | 03:41

The shoulder is a very shallow ball and socket joint which makes it naturally unstable and depends heavily on muscular support. The rotator cuff is the name of the most important group of muscles giving support and stability allowing the shoulder to function through a wide range of motion. This motion of the joint allows us to perform an amazing variety of tasks with our arms.

The muscles along with tendons and ligaments around the joint can get inflamed, stretch, and tear causing pain in the joint along with limited range of motion leading to tendonitis, bursitis and even frozen shoulder. This can also lead to problem in the neck and upper back. Chiropractic care is commonly sought by people for issues of the spine, including back and neck pain. Chiropractors are not limited to only care of the spine but are trained to treat shoulder issues along with other joints including wrists, ankles and feet. Shoulder pain can be caused by joint irritation and chiropractic relief for shoulder pain can be achieved through manipulation of the shoulder and use of modalities.

In my office we incorporate Massage along with modalities such as ultrasound, electric stimulation and even Laser therapy. These along with adjustment can improve joint motion and coordination, relieve joint pain and discomfort, improve flexibility and decrease inflammation. Specific orthopedic tests help to diagnose the problem and isolate the muscles of the shoulder joint that are affected. X/rays and MRI can also be helpful if needed. Chiropractic is a great non-surgical treatment for relief of shoulder pain and dysfunction.

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