Acoustic Sausage CD release bash comes to Franklin

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:17

    SUSSEX COUNTY-Why is one man's shack another man's home? What's so funny about Mary Todd Lincoln? Are there really fifty ways to leave Danny Glover? These are questions that can only be answered by the Acoustic Sausage. On Friday, Dec. 17, The Fonebooth, in Franklin, will be hosting the Acoustic Sausage CD release bash. The debut CD from these rockers is out and ready for action. The band will be performing hits from their new CD as well as classic and obscure material. Staking their claim as the barnyard dogs of rock and roll, Sam Magill and Mingo Lodge are the last of the New Jersey hillbillies. When not writing and recording in a tin-roofed shack, they're touring from Canada to Key West, Florida in a converted school bus. Acoustic Sausage has played everywhere from nationally acclaimed venues to places long thought to be condemned and everywhere in between. "We've hit some towns and turned their frowns upside down," says Lodge, guitar player, vocalist, and hairier of the duo. "I concur, my hairy friend," says Sam Magill, bass player, vocalist, and better-than-average Scrabble player. Acoustic Sausage's album, ‘Which Came First' is already sending shock waves around the musical landscape. Their music is an energized blend of folk, country, rock and punk also known as ‘Fo-Co-Ro-Pu.' When combined with Tae Kwon Do it can be a lethal form of self-defense. Audiences have described Sausage's music as emotionally riveting, rocking, and hilarious. "Last time I saw them I didn't sleep for a week," claims avid fan Anthony Attanasio. "We're happy to be back at The Fonebooth, its kind of where it all began," says Lodge. "The Fonebooth has been a musical hub in Sussex County for over twenty years and they have a wonderful salad bar." Mingo Lodge and Sam Magill have spent the last 15 years playing with various bands and have released previous CDs. They are seasoned road dogs with one goal in mind, "To unleash a fury that stuns the world with joy." Doors open at 9:30 p.m. and admission is $5. For more information call The Fonebooth at 973- 827-2090 or call the Acoustic Sausage hotline at 973-875-2711.